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Year 2004: Offshore company GROWSUN INDUSTRIAL (HK) CO., LTD is established.

Year 2004-2005: During this period, GROWSUN is mainly engaged in SOHO trade, products related to the export of motorcycle parts, as well as daily department store procurement agents

Year 2006-2010: The first stage of development: GROWSUN bid farewell to SOHO trade form, and initially set up the company's administrative system. GROWSUN has set a solid foundation for the following business.

Year 2011: 2011: GROWSUN changed its name to Yiwu Brocin Import and Export Co., Ltd. and registered in China, GROWSUN became the company's main brand

Year 2011-2013: The second stage of the development: Growsun further optimizes thecompany's structure and set up four departments: Determine the main products to motorcycle spare parts, and small commodity procurement agent business as a supplement. 

1. General manager's office: Responsible for the company's administrative affairs management, organization and coordination of the work of various departments 

2. Business department: According to the company's development plan, make business plans and achieve the company's performance goals

3. Technical&Purchase department: To provide technical support to the business department, responsible for the company's product procurement and quality management

4. Order processing department: Responsible for arranging and tracking the production of business order, arranging the packaging plan, responsible for the customs clearance of company orders and order transportation

Year 2014-2016: The third stage of the development:  

1. Adjust the business system, give up small commodity procurement agent and focusing on the business of motorcycle parts exporting. 

2. Determine the target market to Central and South American Maret and North Afrian Market. Europe and United market will be as a supplement.

3. Developed the product system of Italika motorcycles for Mexico Market, product system of AKT motorcycles for Columbia Market, product system of Bajaj, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki for tnire Latin American Market.

4. Set up a news brand Meteko for Latin American Market.

Year 2017-2020: The fourth stage of the development:

1. Business has a greart breakthrough: establish business cooperation with many dealers in Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Argentina and other countries from target market.

2. Two brands Growsun and Moteko are well known in Algeria, Poland, Agentina, Columbia, Costa Rica, and other countries.

3. According to the request from Key Partner, we set up the third band ZEMBA.

New year 2021 is coming, we believe we will have a bigger growth by the effort of Growsun family. We will try always do win-win cooperation with all our partners all over the world.